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Cyber secutiry information platform developed in BPM Pega 7 

Knowledge Expert collaboration with the Laboratory for Systemic Modelling on a Service Oriented Course using Pega Technology is bearing fruits!

We are happy to announce the Master thesis from Ekaterina Volkovich, the student that took part in Academic Collaboration program, that brought an important solution for Cyber security in the financial market.

This work should allow banks to notify, without undue delay, of incidents having a significant impact on the continuity of their services and to take appropriate protection measures in time.

Ekaterina Volkovich

About the author

Ekaterina graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University as an information security specialist. On the final year of study she had an internship in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL).

Ekaterina was one of the students of Enterprise and service-oriented architecture course, who decided to attend Pega bootcamp and to get Pega CSA certification. As a result, she applied knowledge gained at the course in her thesis in order to automatize process of information exchange about incidents in financial market.

Cyber security issues in the financial market

How to protect the organizations?

Cyber security incidents have a serious impact on the business continuity in such regulated sectors, as energy, banking, financial market infrastructures and others.

In order to prevent, detect, respond to and mitigate such incidents, the cooperation between organizations and computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) becomes highly important.

Automated information exchange

Cyber security information platform is a solution that allows attacked banks to gather information about incidents using UI and send it directly to CSIRT.

CSIRT performs an investigation of incidents, creates and sends indicators of compromise (IoC) identified after the investigation to all banks participating in information exchange also using UI.

Thus, Cyber security information platform automates information exchange about detected incidents in financial market, doing it in a securely manner.

What are the gaps of the informational exchange?

Based on information received through interviewing one of CSIRTs, the key problems in the process of information cooperation with banks were identified in the Root Cause Analysis provided.


Аs we see, the problem of the lack of information exchange automation can be solved technically at the level of processes and communications.

Cyber security information platform model

The following model is a behavior model of Cyber security information platform.

CSIRT provides a service of information exchange about incidents to the participants of information exchange. It is a scheme according to which the interested parties interact to each other in the process of information exchange.

How Pega could help?

Leadership of Pega 7

Leadership of Pega 7 on the market provides the most fully functional in the industry single platform for building solutions for the intelligent management of business processes. There are integrated set of things that coordinate people, business and technology. Its functionality includes dynamic case management and business rules, mobile application development, reporting, security. Thus, it is possible to design process routes on Pega 7.

Practical implementation of Cyber security information platform

In the following work, you can find the practical implementation of Cyber security information platform in banks and CSIRT using Pega 7 platform:

  • Instruction for banks how to notify of incidents and receive IoCs using Cyber security information platform;

  • Instruction for CSIRT how to receive notifications and distribute IoCs using Cyber security information platform;

  • Usage of the Cyber security information platform on a smartphone and tablet computer.


Check out more in the article

Partnership with the academic world

We invest in the next generations

At Knowledge Expert we believe in the power of giving. Most of our senior staff graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and we are proud  to give back some of our time to collaborate with the Laboratory for Systemic Modelling on a Service Oriented Course using Pega Technology to guide the students through a series of real life experience on how technology can help revolutionize businesses.

Are you looking to hire a new graduate talent?

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