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Successful Pega delivery,
every single time

Knowledge Expert is a digital transformation service provider whose mission is to transform digital strategies into market realities for forward looking companies. We bring exclusive value to our customers by combining our very deep Pega expertise with Lean-Agile and DevOps to maximize business outcomes and reduce TCO.

As a registered Pega Service Partner we bring a fresh and unified approach to Pega programs and are passionate about delivering the best business outcomes for our customers with Pega technology. Our ambition is to be the most trusted Pega partner in Europe.

Plan for the unplanned

Scaling Agile

In today's world, there is one constant at that is the acceleration of change. While traditional software methodologies are still vastly used, companies adopting more modern product development methodologies are far better placed to take tangible advantage of market and technology opportunities. While many companies talk about agile, we make it happen at an enterprise scale.

Is your market being disrupted by organizations operating lean-agile?

Drive significant business returns

Focus on Business Outcomes

At Knowledge Expert, we are adepts of lean product development and have a unique track record of helping our customers iteratively define product increment to accelerate time to market while at the same time reducing risks and increasing business value.

Do you know what value each of your features bring to your product and how to measure it?

Increase quality and velocity

Automate testing

With a manual testing approach any enterprise software development will quickly be confronted to be forced to compromise on time to market for quality assurance. We can setup your own dedicated automation testing framework or you can use testpro cloud automation testing framework to help you increase your quality while dramatically reducing your testing costs and unlocking your development speed.

How much would you reduce your costs and time to market if you could automate 100% of your manual tests?

Doing what is right and the right way

Compliance score – Swiss grade quality

We are passionate about our work and are proud of delivering the highest quality to our customers. In the long tradition of Swiss excellence we put very special care in every deliverable. With Knowledge Expert you have assurance for high quality leading to reduced TCO and peace of mind.

What is your current application’s guardrails and compliance score?

Passion, determination,

Our Team

Our senior consultants are thought leaders in the Pega ecosystem and have on average 10+ years of Pega experience. We always engage as ONE team with our customers and our drive and passion is communicative. Nothing makes us happier than celebrating success with our customers by delivering on our words. We value fun at the workplace and engage with a refreshing approach where laughter is part of every success.

Do you want to work with a winning team?

Partnership with the academic world

We invest in the next generations

At Knowledge Expert we believe in the power of giving. Most of our senior staff graduated from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and we are proud to give back some of our time to collaborate with the Laboratory for Systemic Modelling on a Service Oriented Course using Pega Technology to guide the students through a series of real-life experience on how technology can help revolutionize businesses.

Are you looking to hire a new graduate talent?

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