“Nothing beats an agile team”
“…except a team of agile team”

Whether it is for the double-digit reduction in time to market, or the cost savings stemming from increased productivity, or indeed the leap in the quality of the delivered solution, more organizations than ever are anxious to adopt agile practices in their development activities and beyond.

The journey is often a difficult one, like all initiatives that deal with an organization’s culture and values. Poor alignment between actors spread across teams and functions; a fire fighting approach to prioritization; and numerous dependencies that frequently endanger what are already aggressive timelines are just a few examples of challenges faced by leaders today.

Luckily, they are not alone. Agile practitioners have been sharing their experiences since the Manifesto’s publication in 2001 and several bodies of knowledge have emerged as a result. The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), as its name indicates, helps scale agile principles to the modern, complex, extended enterprise. The framework’s recommendations are freely online at and have been used successfully by thousands of change leaders worldwide to deliver tangible and proven business results.

Knowledge Expert is proud to be an official SAFe partner. We have witnessed first-hand how its application provides a clear way for organizations to infuse lean-agile principles at the project, program and portfolio levels. We have also seen how its introduction in one context immediately spawns interest in the surrounding teams, as benefits like transparency, alignment and acceleration are rapidly achieved.

In a nutshell

SAFe combines agility principles with those stemming from the lean revolution in both manufacturing and product development.

Work is completed on cadence with multiple teams synchronizing their Scrum or Kanban on program increment and sprint boundaries.

Features captured in program-level backlogs by product managers and architects guide the teams on the same agile release.

The framework also documents proven approaches to agile architecture, budgeting and contracting, as well as maintaining alignment with strategic themes and epics.

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Lean-Agile Resources

Order the Lean-Agile card deck toolkit today for your Team.
It contains valuable techniques and information
like poker planning, delegation poker, agile principles, 7 type of waste in lean, and more
that are great companions to any pioneer engaged in modern product development.

Download the Agile Manifesto and 12 Agile Principles in PDF format below for printing up to A0 format.


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