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 We are passionate about creating personalised solutions and meaningful experiences that increase product value and customer satisfaction.

We follow a strategic and user-centric approach to design, focusing on user research, information architecture and business goals.



A comprehensive analysis of your current system based on user experience best practices, design heuristics evaluation and usability research methods.

We can identify user pains and usability issues, improving an existing experience in a cost-effective manner.

Design System 

We help companies defining and maintaining a PEGA enabled Design System, providing support to Agile teams in order to deliver with velocity and efficiency.

Bring order in a world of chaos with a single source of truth for teams responsible for the design and development of a product.


Creation of prototypes in collaboration with Agile teams providing functional guidance and visual refinement.


We will analyse the current user interface
and recommend solutions highlighting how design can contribute to improved experience and better results.


Preventing possible usability issues upfront is far less expensive than fixing bugs or doing product redesigns later.

By combining the Design Thinking methodology with market-leading technologies, we deliver above and beyond our client's expectations and ensuring that our time together is spent in the most effective way, focused on results. 

We have worked with a number of clients conducting workshops and evaluating their digital solutions to identify user pain points and business needs in early stages, resulting in increased performance and decreased operating costs.


"It was a privilege for me to use the knowledge and experience of KE's UX/UI design team. They helped us to understand our user’s behaviour and their expectation.

A meaningful demonstration on how results can be converted into unique UX/UI experience that provided a sustainable footprint for the upcoming project.“

Torsten Schmitt - Global Marketing Excellence Manager

Torsten pic.jpeg

"The feedback gathered by the UX team through direct user insights enabled us to identify quick wins that were of high value in terms of User Experience for the development team. It also enabled us to start testing the User acceptance of the platform which was key in the change journey preparation. I do believe that having the UX team in the agile team was of added value and I highly recommend using their skills at several points in the journey to ensure alignment between development objectives and users' insights." 

Arnaud Maroteaux - Global Strategic Brand Associate


"Moving fast and together, is a priority and the DNA of the #GroupeMacifIn order to meet the challenges of a changing world, our ambition is to become the number one customer relationship!

To this end, we have undertaken to break the historic silos and rely on multidisciplinary teams.

Under the aegis of #KnowledgeExpert we have tested and approved a millimetered method developed by Google. The result is edifying, concrete and welcomed by all stakeholders: we compressed to 5 days what would have taken weeks or months.

Congratulations to the teams #GroupeMacif 
who commit themselves with courage and passion to the strength of the collective by adopting innovative methods.

Thank you to our partner #KnowledgeExpert 
for his passionate and diligent support in setting up Design Sprints!

Working with your teams is a real pleasure for everyone!"

Let us help you uncover how you can drive more value from your product and engage your users more effectively.

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