In case you have an important business issues that is of high urgency and the situation looks plain stuck, we might have a way forward.

From Zero to fact based Go/No-Go in two weeks 

If you have a problem or concept for change and need :

  • a guiding coalition to align and validate its desirability

  • to demonstrate the concept relevance and viability to convince stakeholders

  • a tangible prototype and clear plan to demonstrate that your vision for change is feasible

an innovation sprint might be just the proces you need.

Dramatically reduce the uncertainty of a possible initiative within two weeks

We will co-deliver together

  • Outcome Dashboard – Business outcomes mapped to current pain points and journeys KPIs

  • Solution Prototype – User tested demonstrator of important features in Pega

  • Product Backlog – Product vision into a backlog of features

  • Delivery Approach – Flexible model to fast track delivery and accelerate return

  • Effort Estimate - Agile estimation of effort for the MLP and overall program

  • Program Roadmap – Lean and Agile plan to develop and rollout the solution

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