We help our customers create innovative products better and faster. We drive impactful changes by compressing months of work into days.​

Using Design Sprint and DCO sessions give us the ability to capture customer feedback. We improve the customer journey focusing on business outcomes while understanding their needs. Creating prototypes tested by real users make sure they are on the right track.

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"When we said that we wanted to launch a digital subscription in six months, everyone told us that it was impossible, but we met Knowledge Expert and together we made it a reality. Not only did we deliver on our promises, but KE Agile and Design-Thinking way of working brought transparency, accountability, and fun to the table !" 

Hélène Dandine-Roulland / Solutions Director

"The innovation sprint approach from Knowledge Expert was a key enabler to go within a very short time of 3 weeks from a difficult problem statement and concept to having a realistic prototype, a clear enough plan, and convinced our stakeholders to start executing our vision immediately."

Pascal Bianne / IT Director


Our challenge was to launch a digital insurance`s subscription in a complex regulatory environment. We had to reduce the time to market and to take into consideration every need. 

"Think BIG, INVENT, LEARN, make MISTAKES, be BRAVE and make the DIFFERENCE!"

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