QA Automation

Changing the rule of the game

Automate your Quality Assurance to unlock speed and predictability for your lean-agile initiatives

At Knowledge Expert we share the belief that in today’s digital world Quality Assurance should be Automated. In our engagements helping large organizations transforming their operations and services towards a lean-agile digital world we realized that speed and predictable quality of execution are critical enablers for our customers successes.

Speed enables faster feedback loop, going from new business ideas and models to testing them in the market in a matter of weeks or months.

Quality is not an absolute scale and will mean different outcomes for each organization and products. However each organization and product need to understand its quality goal, desired outcomes and have a way to measures its current quality levels objectively as well as predictable and consistent quality.

How much would you reduce your costs and time to market if you could automate 100% of your regression testing?
  • How much manual regression testing is done on your project today?
  • Is testing done with discipline and congruence across environments and deployments?
  • What is the total cost of running manual regression tests?
  • How long do you have to wait for manual regression tests co complete?
  • Is manual testing coverage meeting your application’s quality need?

Today’s fast moving digital world requires new recipes and the traditional manual testing approach is failing short on delivering speed and objective quality assurance.

Move from traditional Quality Assurance (QA) to Quality Assurance Automation (QA2)

To continue leading the pace on business success and innovation organizations need to unlock the potential of speed and quality by taking an automated approach to quality assurance.

While creating automated test cases with Selenium and low level programming language and running the tests on local machine is a rather simple task, taking test automation practice to a coordinated, value adding, scalable and sustainable model for a project, program, or enterprise is not to be underestimated.

There are typically six important aspects that need to be considered for any program or enterprise level initiative to automate quality assurance.


Provide capability to edit and manage test cases maximizing the modularization and re-use of test steps.


Orchestrate and dispatch test suite and test case for execution.


Centralized source of truth for test case and test step definition. Should support different drivers and services.


Organize and manage test assets in the library.


Execute test cases across multiple OS/browser and with high parallelization.


Provide transparency on regression and automation status.

Knowledge Expert is a pioneer in the QA2 domain and our journey in helping large organizations setup and operate fully automated test strategies led us to imagine a world with TESTPRO.IO where test automation has become a commodity service rather than specialized and bespoke assembling of technologies.

We thus offer two complementary approach for our customers where they can choose to invest in their own dedicated QA2 infrastructure or leverage TESTPRO.IO and get going with test cases and regression schedules in minutes.

Dedicated Infrastructure

We help you define, setup, operate and evolve the optimal dedicated testing infrastructure for your digital journey's need.

  • Local IDE focused on automation developer
  • Programming language source code repository in versioning system
  • Local or cloud based selenium grid
  • Configuration by automation developer in source code and scheduler
  • Configuration by automation developer as pert of repository and schedule definition
  • Specialized technical automation oriented

Unified cloud with TESTPRO.IO

With TESTPRO.IO you can be up and running with a full and unified cloud solution without any setup cost.

  • Web based focusing on specialized roles for developer and business
  • Test snippets organized in object oriented repository for optimized re-use
  • Cloud based selenium grid
  • Web based configuration of schedules
  • Web based definition of suites, environments, settings
  • Web based business oriented
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