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Knowledge Expert takes extremely seriously the Covid-19 crisis and the role we can play in protecting our employees, customers, partners and members of the communities we are part of.

In the spirit of transparency and help to fight covid-19, below are our internal communication and measures.


As measures to deal with the current COVID 19 situation, below is a summary of the actions and guidelines KErs are taking to help keep all of us, our families, customers, and communities safe and support in reducing the burden on each our local Healthcare System. We believe that it is the responsibility of all of us as a company, family member, friend and part of the society to do everything we can to slow down the spread of COVID-19 and thus reduce its impact on our healthcare system.

Together we are stronger and we can ensure that we contribute to beat that virus by taking the right behavior and actions immediately.

Follow your local regulation guidelines

Remember to check the following sites for information

In case you suspect you have symptoms, follow your country recommendation and announce the situation to or through the internal instance of Pega covid-19 tracker application.


Work from home

In close coordination with your client and Consulting Director we all work from home until the situation is recovred and we continue delivering the outstanding services and support that are even more so needed by our customers in these difficult times.


No business travel

All upcoming business travels have been canceled and all meetings and sessions are conducted virtually.


Tools, material, and processes

Thanks to our existing operational model and IT setup we are fortunately able to implement these measures with relatively little negative impact. As such, we continue to use our existing tools and procedures and we will keep looking at opportunities for raising the bar to lean-up remote work for us and our customers.


KE covid-19 central

In case help or support is needed or you have a question regarding the covid-19 situation, you can reach out to the following centralized mechanism:


Situation management

KE leadership team comprised of all CDs, Luc and Benoît are meeting regularly to review the evolution of the situation and adaptation needed.


We are all connected in some ways on this planet. With KErs living in 10 different countries and from more than 16 different origins we firmly believe in the necessity to go through this crisis with solidarity. This is why, albeit our small size, we are taking steps toward making a contribution to the recovery of the covid-19 situation and here are some of the initiatives we are running.

  • Supporting the buildup of new skills for people impacted by the situation and not having the safety net of a commercial organization or their country by giving 2 free remote training seats for each class we run.

  • Supporting KErs willing to do voluntary work.

  • Investigating ways to engage local actors dependent on physical network to continue their activities in a virtual setup.

  • Investigating ways to deal with the aftermath of the crisis and actions that could be done now to ease recovery downstream.


As one of the pioneers of innovation through remote work and distributed teams, Knowledge Expert's operational model is resilient to the current crisis since we are already fully operating with all the equipment, tools, procedures, mindest and culture required to ensure the full implementation of our mandates in a distributed and remote manner.

We are therefore in full capacity to offer our customers the fulfillment of our promises.

Some clients have also called upon us to assist them in setting up an emergency mission to help them mobilize their forces on a new model of remote and distributed work, drawing on our experience and the tools we are using already.

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